About us

Law Farming covers more than 1800 ha on the Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Essex borders and we are based at Thrift Farm in Royston.

The farmland is partly owned, part rented with the remainder contract farmed.

We grow arable crops on most of the land. Cereals, sugar beet, forage rape, peas, spring mustard, and stubble turnips cover 1,350 ha. The turnips are grown as a catch crop on which we graze sheep.

As the farm has grown, we decided to move to block cropping to simplify our storage and field operations. Many of our crops are grown for seed or are processed or milled locally.

We are constantly improving the fertility of our soil by growing a wide rotation of crops, keeping a flock of 1,800 breeding sheep and grazing a suckler herd at key times of the year. As well our own livestock manure, we spread compost, digestate from food waste and sewage cake across the land.

We are very proud of the Site of Special Scientific Interest on our land. Therfield Heath is a large tract of species-rich chalk grassland. We keep a flock of Dorset ewes specifically to graze the heath.

We are as passionate about protecting and enhancing the environment as we are about farming.

Since 1997 we have actively embraced Countryside Stewardship Schemes (CSS). We carefully graze chalk grassland slopes, we restore hedgerows and sow pollinator and farmland bird crops.

We have made great strides to roll out CSS across as many areas of the farm as possible.