Cattle enterprise

Following an absence of over 15 years, a 50 strong suckler herd has once again become part of our enterprises here at Law Farming.

With large areas of low-quality grass entered in Countryside Stewardship Schemes on our own and surrounding neighbours farms, we selected the Salers breed of cattle for their hardy nature and ability to survive on poor forage with little supplement feeding.

Salers originate in Cantal in the Massif Central region of France. They are a large breed, with females often weighing over 700 kg and standing up to 1.40m tall. They have a thick mahogany red or black coat.

Originally bred for work as well as meat and milk production, this was considered a dual purpose cow, although now better known for its fertility, ease of calving, its maternal instincts and ability to provide large quantities of milk for their calves.

We plan to build our herd up to 40 breeding cows and finish a proportion of our own calves on grass. This slower process of finishing calves with a diverse diet of spices rich grasses should provide for high quality and lean composition carcass.