For the past 25 years, conservation and habitat creation have been at the forefront of our farming policies. Since 1997, the farmed land has been included in government schemes administered by Natural England.

We have planted over 30 km hedges, allocated areas for wild bird food, created wild flower and grass margins, ponds, beetle banks, left fields fallow, undersown Spring cereals and stubbles overwinterd for ground nesting birds. Parkland, hedges, ditches are maintained and archaeological features fenced off.

Through this emphasis on farming with regard to wildlife habitat enhancement and preservation, recent RSPB surveys have uncovered marked improvement in the number of bird species seen around the farms. Owl boxes are checked annually, usually housing growing families of Barn Owls. There is an increase in numbers of Red Kite, Buzzard, Skylark, Lapwing, Grey Partridge, Finch, Owl and others.

Shoots are run on the farms helping to find the balance between countryside management and wildlife protection.