Arable enterprise

Our soils are predominantly light, free-draining, chalky loams with some outlying clay knolls and areas of sand running through the lower-lying land.

Most crops are grown to supply local markets. Our milling rye, oats, soft milling wheat and all of the winter barley are sold to Jordans Ryvita. The crops produced for Jordans Ryvita are grown under their protocols including the LEAF Marque Standard. The standards stipulate that a minimum of 10% of productive land is sown to provide habitats for mammals, invertebrates, insects and ground-nesting birds.

Peas and brassicas including Hobson forage rape and Spring Mustard are grown for seed along with four varieties of rye and a small area of winter wheat. Sugar beet is grown successfully across all the farms and is delivered to the British Sugar factory at Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.

We have adopted precision farming techniques, including RTK & GPS automatic steering systems and variable rate application of nutrients. As Law Farming has grown, our policy has been to move to block cropping to simplify storage and field operations.